January 28, 2021

Why Advertise on Google?

Advertisers often ask why advertise on Google? Well the answer is simple; Google is by far the largest search engine on the internet having control of over 40 percent of searches and associate pay per click (PPC). PPC means that the advertiser pays a certain sum for every click on his advertisement. If he has a higher budget, then the position of his advertisement will improve and more traffic will result.

Nearly 150,000 businesses advertise with Google in a number of different ways. Firstly, they can appear in Google searches, they can advertise on publishers’ websites and they can appear in publishers’ search results. The question that results from this is why advertise with distributors as well as with Google?

One answer is that those who are receiving a return on their advertising budget may decide to look for other opportunities to advertise their products. There are millions of websites which are happy to earn extra bucks for displaying advertisements and a site with a good throughput of traffic will provide a quick and effective exposure.

Although Google controls 40 percent of searches, the other 60 percent are worth tapping into too and that’s why advertisers also promote their goods through publishers’ sites thus reaching a wider audience. Many users looking to buy a product will read articles on the subject and if an article has Google AdSense embedded in it then the user may click on an AdSense ad.

Advertisers also choose both AdSense and AdWords because Google is seen to be trustworthy. It has an ethical reputation and advertisers feel that their money is safe with Google. Unfortunately, click fraud can cause a problem but Google recognise this issue and constantly take steps to prevent it or to reimburse advertisers whose adverts have been fraudulently clicked.

Advertisers trust Google’s pricing policy which is basically set by the advertisers themselves in a bidding war whereas Google just provides the means for a click auction to take place.

Another of the advantages of advertising on Google is that your adverts will appear on relevant publishers’ websites. Someone reading about a product on a publisher’s site is likely to click on an advert for said product if they have an interest in buying it. Once they have clicked, there is a fair chance that they will buy.

Google provides a service whereby advertisers and potential customers can be brought together and despite the risk of click fraud, Google’s offerings are still thought to be superior to their rivals’ so that’s the answer to the question “why advertise on Google?”

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